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Posting Golf Jobs and Classifieds

Any content posted on Golf Jobs must be golf-specific, any non-specific content will not be published. No spam posts will be tolerated, and may lead to the user being banned.

Each Golf Classified may only be posted in one (1) category – multiple posting of your category is not permitted.

Moderated content

Every Golf Job and classified posting is entered into a moderation queue – which means one of our staff checks that the posting is appropriate before publishing. This process can take a up to 24 hours, depending on the time of day it is posted and your time zone in relation to ours.

Accuracy of content

Golf Jobs does not warrant the accuracy of any content posted by users on this site. It is up to the user to exercise due caution especially with regards to Golf Job postings. We are not held liable for any content posted on Golf Jobs or the result thereof.

We reserve the right

Golf Jobs reserves the right to edit classifieds for brevity, accuracy or spelling mistakes at any time. We also reserve the right to remove any classified at any time, or refuse to publish an inappropriate classified.

Removal of Content

Occasionally members of our directory, post Golf Jobs that have been published elsewhere online. If a Golf Position has been posted on your behalf, without your permission and you would like it removed from our directory, please Contact Us for a removal request, including the URL of the posting you would like removed, and we will typically remove the posting within 24 hours.

Privacy policy

Golf Jobs respects the individual privacy and values the confidence of site users. This general Privacy Policy sets forth the privacy principles that we follow.

Information that we capture from visitors to our site:

Visitors to our site may have their IP address, HTTP referrer information and requested pages logged via the use of a site statistics application. Any information collected is of general nature, allowing us to determine which pages are popular, and where the majority of our users come from.

Information collected from Members:

Username, real name, email and password are stored in our database, along with IP address of any recent visits. Recent visit details are removed from the system regularly as part of routine database maintenance.

Sharing of data with third-parties:

We do not share any personal information to third-parties without explicit permission from the user.

Email and Spam:

Golf Jobs operates a very low-volume opt-in email newsletter which is used to communicate with customers from time to time regarding job notifications or site news. We do not send out any other emails, except in response to customers and users.