Golf Coach

31 May 2024

Country: USA
State: West Virginia

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Golf Coach
School in Spencer, West Virginia is looking for a Golf Coach.

Position Overview:
• Organize appropriate and effective strategies for teaching sports skills and sports management systems.
• Develop high caliber and quality athletic instruction suitable to the respective sport being coached.
• Teach fundamental sports skills.
• Secure and maintain parental permission, proof of insurance, and other necessary documentation to validate student athletic eligibility and participation.
• Handle athletic injuries in a reasonable and prudent manner.
• Protect the integrity of equipment associated with the program, which includes securing such equipment exclusively for school use unless approved by the Principal and/or Roane County Central Office (through appropriate requests for community use procedures).
• Supervise participants and discipline the team appropriately throughout the duration of practices and competitions, including effective supervision of any sports locker room(s) being utilized until the last person has departed and the room has been secured. The Head Coach assumes responsibility for team conduct at all times during assigned sports activities. Strictly prohibit any hazing or initiation activities.
• Design and schedule quality organization of practice sessions, effectively communicating in advance beginning and ending practice times, interscholastic event schedules, and transportation arrangements to student athletes, parents, appropriate members of the coaching staff, and the school administration.
• Supervise managers and other support personnel.
• Effectively and prudently manage any budgets assigned by the immediate supervisor.
• Consistently and thoroughly adhere to established budgeting, purchasing, and inventory procedures recognized by the school administration and the Roane County Central Office.
• Initiate game organization skills.
• Consistently abide by and respect league, conference, and WVSSAC policies, as well as related policies promulgated by the Roane County Board of Education.
• Devote a sufficient amount of time and energy to coaching duties. The Head Coach of each sport will also be responsible for the entire program encompassed by his/her assigned sport at the school, which may include provisions for a weight/conditioning program.
• Thoroughly respect and complete procedures, meet time lines, and perform activities associated with the beginning and end of the assigned sport season.
• School employees must respect and prioritize their regular instructional responsibilities before their extracurricular duties, and such extracurricular duties should not conflict except under extraordinary circumstances approved by the building Principal and/or Roane County Central Office. In such cases it is incumbent upon the Coach to take the necessary steps to see that his/her primary instructional responsibilities are covered in a manner approved by the Principal.
• Effectively communicate with educational personnel, parents, students, and the general public.
• Demonstrate consistent cooperation with the building Principal, Athletic Director, and others with administrative authority.
• Assistant Coaches are responsible to the Head Coach and/or Athletic Director in such areas as offensive and defensive strategies, coaching techniques, team scouting, and other appropriate responsibilities both on the school campus and away during interscholastic competitions.
• Develop rapport with coaching staff within the school.
• Organize the assigned coaching staff.
• Develop positive and appropriate relationships with students, faculty, parents, community members, game officials, opponents, and the news media.
• Employ appropriate conduct during games and practices, including the exercise of professional, emotional restraint.
• Attend appropriate and/or assigned league, conference and WVSSAC meetings, as approved by the school administration and/or the Roane County Central Office. The Head Coach shall be required to attend any sports rules clinics in his/her coaching assignment which is sponsored by the WVSSAC, or assign the attendance of a school representative selected and approved by the Principal.
• Participate in activities that foster professional growth and development.
• Motivate staff and players toward desired goals.
• Command respect by example in appearance, manners, behavior, and language. Profane and/or vulgar language will not be tolerated while performing one’s duties or at any time in the presence of students, parents, or the public.

Must hold or be eligible to hold a professional certificate or a temporary authorization for coach.

How to apply:
Please apply via the URL provided.

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