Outside Golf Services Attendant

10 September 2020

Country: USA
State: Florida

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Outside Golf Services Attendant
Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida is looking for an Outside Golf Services Attendant.

Position Overview:
Oversee and manage the entire Bag Room and Practice Facility areas. This position promotes an exceptional “golf experience” and provides excellent services and programs for all members and guests. As one of the most important positions, Member Assistants will ensure that each member and guest receive the same high-quality service every time they are on property.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Represent in the highest professional manner at all times.
• Provide excellent customer services, professional advice and assistance to all patrons.
• Be informed on, and promote all club activities and services.
• Assist in managing tournaments and outings for members and their guests.
• Assist members without games in finding appropriate games.
• Make sure that you have a radio that works properly.
• Always on time and ready to work at the beginning of your shift.
• Manage the total operation of the Practice Facility.
• Ensure that yardages posted on Practice Facility signs are accurate and signs are always clean in appearance.
• Always have the water stations in the cart staging properly stocked.
• Periodically check Practice Facility for organization of balls and towels.
• Remove golf balls from Practice Facility throughout the day, cleaning and restoring balls to the Practice Facility as needed to create same look throughout each day.
• Keep Chipping Green fresh looking periodically throughout the day.
• All carts used for member play and outside use are to be clean and have appropriate scorecard, towels, tees and pencil provided for the member or guest
• Make sure that the cart staging area is always clean of sand and all debris and all carts are lined up properly.
• Always have clean towels properly folded and organized on shelves at all times.
• Always have the inside cart area and Bag Room clean and presentable on a daily basis. Members periodically walk through these areas and they need to be presentable.
• All golf clubs are to be cleaned for members and guest prior to their next round of golf. If members golf clubs are dropped off after a round off property, they are to be cleaned before places back into storage. In a situation that a guest joins us for a round of golf and their golf clubs are not cleaned properly, they need to be cleaned prior to their round at The Forest to help ensure an enjoyable experience.
• All golf clubs are to be stored in the appropriate bag storage space.
• All travel bags and Shipsticks boxes are to be stored and safe while our guests are visiting the Club.
• Always great members when you see them. Greetings examples include: “Great to see you today Mrs. Reed”, “Good Morning Mr. Thomas”; you will know what members request specific greetings through time but keep it professional and sincere.
• Always have a smile on your face, it is important for members to know that you enjoy your job; this will help with tips and overall member satisfaction.
• Members Assistants must report any problems or possible situations that arise with members, guests, employees, or equipment to the Director of Golf or Outside Services Manager as soon as necessary to provide management with information needed to rectify the situation.

Bag Drop:
• It is expected that the Main Bag Drop is to be manned as much as possible throughout the day and it is understood that this cannot manned non-stop; it is favorable to be at the bag drop when guests are scheduled to arrive and, again, understood that if you are taking one set of clubs down to cart staging another guest may be missed but through the best teamwork this can be avoided.
• Always greet members when they are walking by the Bag Drop or walking up to the Clubhouse and when providing service to guests at the bag drop it is necessary to not only greet them but thank them for visiting The Forest Country Club and point out how to get to cart staging, the location of the Golf Shop, Men’s & or Ladies’ Locker Rooms etc,; make sure our guests know how much we appreciate their visit.
• Make sure that all golf clubs coming in and out of our Bag Drop are clean.
• Our Bag Drop areas should be cleared of all debris and garbage as well as the surrounding area;

General Procedures:
• Prior to loading clubs and staging carts, one staff member is required to blow off the landing for the exercise facility, Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Room along with the stairs on both sides and the entire staging area with the blower supplied to us from Golf Course Maintenance.
• Restock cups, lids, straw, and ice for set up.
• Keep desk and bulletin board area organized and clean.
• Obtain copies of tee sheet from the Golf Shop.
• Load member’s golf bags on golf cars according to starting sheet; Record cart number next to member’s name on the tee sheet; Start a minimum of one hour ahead of our starting time schedule; Mark off the starting sheet the bags being pulled; Highlight the name with a marker to indicate that the bag is unavailable and make a mental note; anticipate that bag coming in from the bag drop.
• Before carts are brought out to the staging area, the floor mats should be sprayed with water to give the carts a “fresh” look.
• Clean the sand trap of the drain to the cart washing area a minimum of once a week.
• Load bags in same order as they appear on starting sheet.
• Always have 4-5 “shuttle carts” available for members to take back and forth from the staging area so they do not move their carts out of position.
• During the day, there should always be 6 prepped carts available in the staging area for “add ons” to help save time when people just show up to play; It is important to have these carts prepped to save time with accommodations.
• Be mindful that the majority of calls we get that the GPS System is not working properly for our membership is mostly because staff uses the “Ranger” function on the cart to help locate carts and the GPS function is not return to “Golfer” mode; before plugging in each cart, make sure this function has returned to the “Golfer” mode.
• Keep the entire cart staging area, water station, entrances to the cart barn clean and absent of debris at all times.
• Trash containers are to be emptied as needed during the day and night and no food should be left I the trash containers overnight. We cannot afford attracting rodents into our bag storage area.
• All sets of clubs should be cleaned after the round has been completed this also applies to members and guests returning from the practice facility.
• It is a difficult situation when all members return from the course after a shotgun round has finished; it is easy to have one staff member cleaning clubs and one to two staff members emptying garbage and washing off the carts; while the members are present, it is imperative to have all staff members available out in the staging area taking care of members needs and wiping down clubs etc.; this is where our “service to our membership” is also key; some members and guests want this interaction because it is a large part of their overall Club experience; be available to ask them how their round was and be engaging to the level they expect.
• Guest bags are to be labeled and if they are in storage they are to be stored by the guests last name and their name needs to be added to the “guest board” so other staff members are aware that their clubs are stored.
• Maintain an organized lost and found department.
• Make sure to have at least one staff member in the staging area at all times; all too often we have members walking in from the parking lots and they need to be attended to immediately.
• Perform maintenance on the GPS Systems on each cart; if the GPS System is not working properly and we need to exchange it, do so with care as these monitors are expensive.

Practice Facility:
• Driving range should be set up by 7:00am every morning.
• When the teeing area is to be moved, move teeing area each day from left to right and then back.
• Try to keep pyramids as full as possible throughout the day.
• Teeing areas should be 8 feet apart.
• Pick up tees off turf to keep the area clean looking at all times.
• Place a bag stand one large step behind the teeing area, directly behind the separating plank.
• Make sure chairs are clean, dry and near the teeing area and that the club cleaner is clean and full of water.
• Maintain the practice tee area frequently. Make sure to have a full pick and restock the practice facility an hour before heavy play or shotgun.
• Report any dress code violations to the Professional Staff.
• Make a weekly effort to retrieve golf balls from the edges of the landing area to keep these areas as clean and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Golf Cart Maintenance:
• Provided by management, Member Assistants will be assigned golf carts monthly to perform routine maintenance on specific carts; from month to month, detailing instructions may change and carts will be assigned according to hours worked and it is the sole responsibility of each staff member to perform these maintenance procedures;
• When carts are to be waxed, only the front and sides of the cart should be waxed; if there are shoe scuffs on the cart the scuffs can be removed with a magic eraser pad: the black bumpers of the cart are not to be waxed (cart wax will be available in the Golf Shop storage room on the cart barn shelf).
• When the black parts of the cart are to be detailed, Member Assistants are asked to spray and wipe or spray the rag and wipe all black parts of the cart with Armour All or other supplied product but the steering wheel is not to be cleaned / detailed with this product; steering wheels are to be cleaned with a wet rag only.
• Batteries are to be filled with water monthly; as we have instituted, batteries are not to be washed periodically; battery posts should be free of corrosion; to eliminate corrosion, batteries are to be rinsed, posts are to be scrubbed by brush with a mixture of hot water and baking soda (mix one tablespoon of baking soda for every cup of hot water); once batteries have dried, posts are to be sprayed with battery terminal spray (baking soda and battery terminal spray are located in the Golf Shop storage room on the cart barn shelf).
• When tires are to be filled with air, only fill the tires to the recommended max pressure which is provided on the tire itself.

1 year of experience.
High School graduate.

$10.00 per hour.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to the email provided.

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