Outside Golf Player Assistant

30 June 2020

Country: USA
State: Wisconsin

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Outside Golf Player Assistant
Golf club in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is looking for an Outside Golf Player Assistant.

Position Overview:
To assure the guests are have the best experience possible while they maintain an acceptable pace of play and obey the course rules for the day. The Player Assistant/Starter has one of the most difficult positions in the golf operation. He/she is the golf course watchman who: directs the flow of traffic, enforces the club rules and regulations, instructs the players in the code of etiquette, oversees the golf course grounds and assists the players with any on course problems.

• Demonstrate assertiveness and be pleasant at the same time. Example: If a player or group refuses to follow your instructions, DO NOT ARGUE. Contact the golf shop immediately and hold down the radio button when talking to the people so we may hear the conversation.
• Check with the golf shop for any unusual or special instructions, such as cart paths only etc.
• Always have a tee sheet available and a radio in good working condition, a first aid kit, and also an air horn.
• Keep pace of play moving.
• Pick up any trash on the grounds.
• Report in every 25-30 minutes, even if there is nothing to report.
• Make course loop in reverse order (18 to 1 or 9 to 1).
• First contacts with all players should be positive and friendly.
• If you think a group might be slow, contact the starter to find out their starting time.
• Periodically update the pro shop with on course events such as slow groups etc.
• If a group is behind, check to see if they are holding up play.
• If they are not holding anyone up, leave them alone; if they are, ask them to do their best to speed up.
• Continue on to the next group and inform them that you have asked the group in front to speed up and to keep pace with them.
• Continue backwards in this manner. If a group that you have talked to about slow play has not caught up, or has fallen further behind, contact the golf shop so action can be taken.
• During a double tee start, the ranger must be aware of the positions of the first and last group to tee off #1 and #10 for crossover purposes.
• Keep the golf shop informed of any bad weather in the area. If the golf shop suspends play, proceed according to the lightning policy.
• Turn in time sheet with radio to the golf shop at the end of the day.
• Participate in department meetings and Daily Promise meetings.
• Report all concerns and problems to the Director of Golf.
• Ensure friendly and courteous customer relations at all times, identifying and welcoming current patrons and work to identify and grow future business through guest relations.
• Keep an open line of communication with all departments and keep them posted on what is happening in the department.

How to apply:
Please apply via the URL provided.

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