Full-time Golf Service Attendant

31 January 2019

Country: USA
State: California

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Full-time Golf Service Attendant
Golf Course in San Martin, California is looking for a Full-time Golf Service Attendant.

Position Overview:
Individual is responsible from implementing the day to day outside golf operations. Primary responsibilities will consist of but not be limited to: maintaining golf car fleet, practice facility, player assistance, member/guest hospitality, and tournament operations.

• Greet members/guests as they arrive on property.
• Unload golf clubs from vehicles.
• Put the Bag tag on all guests’ golf clubs.
• Assist guest to pro shop/locker room/driving range.
• Detail the Parking lot throughout the day.
• Assist members/guest with golf bags from carts to and from the tee area.
• Provide towels for guests to use.
• Provide cold water in ice chests throughout property.
• Pick range balls, and keep range properly supplied.
• Detail the range throughout the day.
• Assist players with cleaning balls off chipping green, fix ball marks on chipping green.
• Supply golf carts for the players to use.
• Take orders for the grill if necessary.
• Pick up golf tees, empty trash cans, and water bottles.
• Assist members/guest with pace of play.
• Stock water at tennis court, whenever tennis players are present.
• Assist all walking groups with ride from #9-#10.
• Double check hole locations for the day according to the hole location chart.
• Confirm that each target green at the range has a flag as the target.
• Monitor to ensure safety from snakes.
• Double check restroom to ensure proper cleaning has been done.
• Assist member/guests and maintenance staff with water, to ensure staying hydrated.
• Assist Members/guests with Hot/cold towels at completion of play.
• Pick up walking groups form #9-#10
• Detail golf carts and prepare for the next days play.
• Stock golf carts with tees, scorecards, pencils, hole location chart, towels, water, and ice.
• Store Members golf clubs in club storage.
• Use the Pressure washer to clean all golf carts, and shuttles daily.
• Roll face clothes, and prepare to be hot/cold depending on the weather.
• Ensure nightly that all chargers for golf carts and shuttles are plugged in.
• Ensure nightly that all carts and shuttles are accounted for.
• Assisting Portico with staging carts for members/guests.

Must have the ability to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Valid driver’s license.
Minimum 2 years driving experience with a clean record.
Ability to operate a Golf Car safely and transport all guests safely following all company safe practice standards.
Must be detail oriented and organized with ability to multi-task
Flexibility of hours and willingness to work more than 40 hours per week including holidays and weekends on a regular basis.
Ability to work outdoors during all weather conditions with uniforms provided.
Must have ability to be a team player.
Must have strong communication skills.

High School Graduate.
Prior work experience at resort and private golf facilities.
Strong understanding of high-end private club operations.
Knowledge of the game of golf.


How to apply:
Please apply via the URL provided.

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