Summer Golf Course Intern

6 December 2018

Country: USA
State: Rhode Island

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Summer Golf Course Intern
Country Club in Rumford, Rhode Island is looking for a Summer Golf Course Intern.

Position Overview:
We are offering two internship programs. An entry program, focusing on introduction and development. An advanced program, concentrating on preparation for career advancement. We take the responsibility of teaching, developing, and mentoring very seriously.

Entry Position:
This internship is for an individual who is motivated and eager to learn what maintaining a golf course at the highest level but lacks practical experience.

This position will expose you to all fundamental necessities including:
• Chemical/Fertilizer: Spray hawking and boom (riding) sprayers, spreading and calibrating granular fertilizers, mixing chemicals and nutrients, equipment troubleshooting, explanation of what products we use and why, chemical class differences, understanding of resistance, and knowledge of industry staples.
• Watering: Moisture meter reading, identification of wilt, hand probing, syringing, operating system both scheduling and radio operation, overwatering/underwatering, watering techniques in a multitude of environments.
• Irrigation: Assisting on irrigation head troubleshooting, leak repairs, tracing, auditing, satellite troubleshooting, wiring and splicing, a comprehensive irrigation tutorial.
• Management: Leading and managing seasonal crew members on daily tasks. Learning how to motivate others, take initiative, organization and efficiency. Development of management skills to effectively lead.
• Operation: A full understanding of commonly used equipment, tractor operation, ASV operation, towing and loading.
• Mentoring: Daily questioning/answering, organization, goal setting, facing adversity, leading by example.
• Expectations: Applicants are expected to work 50-70 hours a week, be eager and willing to learn, energetic and motivated.
• Purpose: This internship will prepare you for a role as an AIT, second assistant, or spray/irrigation tech. Our job is to introduce and develop the skills necessary for your success. You will leave with the confidence, knowledge, and understanding that is sought after.

Advanced Position:
This internship is for an individual who is entering the final year/has completed course study, who has previous internship experience, or multiple years managing turf. You are coming here to polish your skills, turn weaknesses into strengths, and gain a different perspective from your previous experiences. You will leave confident, well rounded, and experienced in all aspects of golf course maintenance. This internship will prepare you for the position of assistant. You will leave with developed agronomic theory, management/leadership skills, skilled maintenance procedures, and a well rounded skill set that will set you apart from your peers. Your internship will hit on the focus points below, and adapted based on your goals and experience.

• Watering: Hand watering greens using a moisture meter, working alongside the assistants and superintendent. Spotting up areas, syringing, identifying wilt, communicating and commenting on correct plan of action.
• Chemical/Fertilizer: Leading fairways sprays, mixing and applying green applications, organizing rough applications; calibration, training, and overseeing the application from start to finish.
• Irrigation: Fixing leaks, identifying problems, learning through trial how to troubleshoot, irrigation control setup, tracing, splicing, and awareness of the proper steps to ensure a correct fix.
• Management: Working in close proximity to the assistants and superintendent, picking up on techniques and preparation. Organization, plan formulation, learning how to motivate, how to adapt to personalities. Setting and completing goals.
• Operation: Confidently operate heavy equipment, understanding of purpose. Learning how to efficiently operate. Including tractors, ASV, mini excavator, front loader, attachments, etc.
• Mentoring: Constant communication with the assistants and superintendent, regularly bouncing theory and advice. Setting up a plan for your future, introducing you to potential future employers, putting you in a position to take the job you want, where you want.
• Expectations: 50-70 hours a week, be focused, goal oriented, open to listening and taking instruction. Be motivated and take every opportunity to learn. Lead by example, set high expectations for yourself.
• Purpose: Lead you into responsibilities that most internships do not offer; allowing you freedom to learn in real time, facing common challenges. To communicate openly and regularly, show you our blueprint for success, take with you a polished set of skills. Gain confidence and understanding of what it takes to be in a management position at a high end course.

$12 – $13 per hour.
Free housing.
Golfing privileges.
Potential for full-time employment upon graduation.
Opportunity to work at other local and national tournaments.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to the email provided.

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