Boys Golf Athletic Program Head Coach

25 September 2018

Country: USA
State: California

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Boys Golf Athletic Program Head Coach
Independent school in Los Angeles, California is looking for a Boys Golf Athletic Program Head Coach.

Position Overview:
This position is responsible for the coaching and administrative aspects of the athletic program.

• You have a clear vision for your program and motivate students, coaches and parents to believe in that vision.
• You set clear expectations for students and provide a path for them to meet those expectations.
• You are responsible for assembling a coaching staff that is cohesive and committed to doing what is best for the school and its families.
• You are a stabilizing force when adversity is encountered. Students, coaches and parents look to you for direction when the program faces a challenge. You provide that direction in a timely manner.
• You are responsible for setting goals for your program that are challenging and realistic and provide a plan for reaching those goals.

Knowledge of Sport
• You know the current trends in your sport and search for ways to bring those trends to the school.
• You develop strategic plans that are consistently successful. You are able to teach students how to execute your plans.
• You are connected to the local, state and national community in your sport and attract coaches and qualified student-athletes to our school.
• You are committed to continuing education in your sport and attend at least one conference or clinic every year to stay active in the field.
• You know the training techniques appropriate for the middle school and high school level and are familiar with the best teaching methods.
• You are able to provide meaningful assistance to students who wish to pursue the sport beyond high school.
Administrative Skills
• You are responsible for the Vertical Integration of their program, seventh through twelfth grade. This includes hiring coaches, developing program philosophy and athletic skill progressions for each level.
• You must communicate with Sports Performance, Sports Medicine and other support staff within the athletic department so that your program is administered in an efficient manner.
• You are responsible for scheduling practices and games for all levels of your program, keeping in mind the mission of the school.
• You are responsible for working with the equipment manager and maintenance staff to ensure that all equipment is available and in working condition and the facilities are prepared for practice and/or competition.
• You must have basic computer skills and complete necessary paperwork for school, league and CIF requirements.
• You must attend all mandatory school, league and CIF meetings.

Cultural Aptitude
• The school students are talented young men and women with a diversity of interests, therefore your program will not be the only commitment they have.
• Students come to the school for many reasons, including our academic excellence. You must understand the time students must dedicate to school work and give them opportunities to be academically successful.
• The school students perform best in situations where they believe success is possible. As a coach, you must instill a mindset in your students so that they always believe that success is possible.
• You are prepared to provide a rationale for why you want things done a certain way. The school students give the greatest effort when they understand and believe in the purpose of the endeavor.
• The school’s primary goal is education. While this includes the education they receive through athletics, the academic education of our students is a priority.
• The school is comprised of outstanding teachers, staff members and support staff. Be respectful of their time and expertise.
• You must follow all school rules and procedures and seek help when you encounter difficulty.
• The school has families from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Your program should respect these beliefs.
• Being a coach is major moral responsibility. Students are watching you constantly and you should act appropriately.
• You are a representative of the school at all times – even when not actively coaching your team. Your behavior should be consistent with the expectations of the school.
• Your personal life choices should not jeopardize the reputation of the school or members of our community.
• You are expected to obey all school policies as well as local, state and federal laws.

Candidates for this position must possess expertise in the following areas: knowledge of sport, administrative skills, leadership, cultural aptitude, and character.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to the email provided.

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