Golf Club Manager

3 August 2018

Country: USA
State: Indiana

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Golf Club Manager
Golf Club in Martinsville, Indiana is looking for a Golf Club Manager.

Position Overview:
Manage all Golf Pro Shop and Snack Bar related activities.

Job Tasks:
1. Plans, promotes and directs all golf activities including daily management responsibilities.
2. Follow annual and monthly budgets for golf operations in golf pro shop and snack bar and take corrective action as necessary to help assure that budget goals are attained.
3. Orders merchandise for golf pro shop, providing the best selections possible within the constraints of inventory and quality and quantity limits set by the operations manager and the board of directors.
4. Order supplies associated with golf activities and approval of operations manager.
5. Maintains orderly appearance in golf pro shop including behind the sales counter.
6. Selects, supervises, trains, and evaluates: golf pro shop, cart, and snack bar employees.
7. Plans professional development and training activities for subordinates.
8. Collects charges and fees for all golf related activities.
9. Organizes and conducts club tournaments and related events with the help of the tournament committee and approval of the operations manager.
10. Interprets and enforces “The Rules of Golf.”
11. Interprets and enforces all club policies, rules, and regulations.
12. Consults with the operations manager about golf course and practice range operations, maintenance, and rules.
13. Cooperates with the operations manager about maintenance issues that affect the playability of the golf course.
14. Enforces the By-laws governing play.
15. Attends all staff, management, golf committee and other applicable meetings.
16. Maintains records relating to player and guest rounds and other statistics.
17. Also manages and enforces all employees to track this data to improve data base of guests for marketing purchases.
18. Plans social evenings and events to promote golf and fellowship among members and guests.
19. Adheres to all federal, state and local laws regarding the health, safety and employment.
20. Schedules or helps schedule all staff hours to assure that members are fully served and that labor costs are maintained. Approval of staff schedules and editing by operations manager needed before posting. Schedules will be submitted to operations manager by Wednesday 12:00 PM and posted by no later than Thursday 12:00 PM week prior.
21. Assists in the development of short- and long- range plans for improvements to the clubs facilities and course.
22. Interacts with operations manager about food and beverage needs for events.
23. Maintains visible presence on the course during peak times of play.
24. Must be available via text or phone from staff, operations manager, or any Board of Directors within 15 to 30 minute time frame when at all possible.
25. Supervises golf play of members and guests from the first tee and maintains starting tee times according to the club’s rules and regulations.
26. Provides golf-related information for the club’s newsletters, Facebook and website.
27. Weekly updates during height (May thru September) of golf season should be a reasonable goal.
28. Manages and responsible for all new golf member orientation.
29. Sell’s and schedules all repeat and new golf outings with the responsibility to have everything prepared well in advance of the outing. Also to be at least 2 hours early and present during the whole event as you are the sales and professional image of our club.
30. Every effort should be made to prevent employees from running errand to pick up supplies during the weekend. Staff is limited and is here on weekends to service the customer.
31. Conducts a weekly meeting with the operations manager
32. Responsible for changing schedules of staff by phone or text on all weather-affected days.
33. Reports to Operation Manager and supervises all Interns, Pro Shop, Snack Bar, & Cart personnel.
34. Two weeks paid vacation. One week must be taken during the months of November and December.
35. Expected hours are 25 hours a week Minimum January 15th, thru March 15th & October 15th, thru December 31st. In season hours March 15th, thru October 15th, 2016 Minimum of 50 – 55 hours as needed.
36. Compensation for Club Manager starts January 15th.
37. Commission of TBD% on all new members first 12 months of their membership. New walk in Members not included.
38. Commission of TBD % of NEW golf outings. Understanding the number of Outings in each year will be limited as to not overload member playing privileges.
39. Commission of TBD % on INCREASED snack bar revenue vs. prior year.
40. Commission of TBD % on INCREASED Pro shop revenue vs. prior year.
41. Commission of TBD % on all advertising sales to new advertisers vs. prior year.
42. Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the operations manager.

$30,000.00 per year.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to the email provided.

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