Seasonal Boys & Girls Golf Head Coach

15 May 2018

Country: USA
State: Missouri

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Seasonal Boys & Girls Golf Head Coach
High school in Springfield, Missouri is looking for a Seasonal Boys & Girls Golf Head Coach.

Position Overview:
The job of Head Coach, Golf is done for the purpose/s of designing and implementing the athletic program for the assigned sport at the High School level in accordance with applicable rules and regulations; providing supervision of other coaching personnel; providing supervision of students during all aspects of the program; using sound
instructional techniques in overseeing program activities; serving as a positive role model to student athletes; and serving in a liaison capacity for the school and program with other schools both within and/or outside the district, to the community, and to various organizations.

Essential Functions:
• Analyzes opposition’s strategies for game/event prior to and/or during athletic events as appropriate for the purpose of assessing the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses for developing game plan/approach.
• Assesses student athletes for the purpose of providing feedback to students on their individual performance and/or determining team placement.
• Attends a variety of meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. for the purpose of receiving and conveying information related to their role.
• Conducts a variety of supporting activities (e.g. parent orientations, recognition events, banquets, etc.) for the purpose of providing information regarding the program and/or recognizing participants’ accomplishments.
• Develops team and individual practice regimes for student athletes (e.g. strength, speed, agility, nutritional, injury prevention, etc.) for the purpose of enhancing and improving their performance.
• Develops game strategies/plans for the purpose of preparing the team and individual student athletics for the competition.
Evaluates facility and playing field for potential hazards, inadequate equipment, etc. for the purpose of implementing and/or assisting in making modifications or recommendations that would reduce the risk of injury.
• Guides other coaching personnel as may be appropriate in instructional techniques, organization of practices, supervision guidelines and responsibilities, etc. for the purpose of providing guidance and mentoring.
• Identifies program needs for the purpose of providing recommendations of expenditures for activities, equipment, supplies, etc. that will enhance the assigned athletic program.
• Identifies appropriate uses of program funding (e.g. school budget, booster clubs, athletic clubs, tax credit account, etc.) for the purpose of addressing program needs in compliance with state and district policies and practices.
• Implements practice schedules and related events (e.g. usage of facilities and equipment, staff assignments, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring efficient program operation.
• Instructs student athletes for the purpose of promoting individual growth in athletic skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
• Maintains a variety of records (e.g. game/student athlete statistics, insurance, signed permission forms, emergency information, schedules, equipment inventories, etc.) for the purpose of complying with district, athletic conference, state requirements and/or report scores and strategies.
• Makes coaching assignments for the purpose of matching the skills and experience of coaches with program needs.
• Monitors student athletes’ academic eligibility for the purpose of both complying with AIA requirements as well as providing appropriate intervention (e.g. counseling, tutoring, etc.) to students identified as needing assistance to maintain their athletic eligibility.
• Oversees assistant coaches, student managers, volunteers, etc. for the purpose of providing direction and monitoring activities.
• Performs a variety of personnel related functions (e.g. interviewing, assessing, recommending, etc.) for the purpose of addressing staff position needs.
• Responds to inquiries of students, parents, other school personnel, media representatives, college representatives, etc. for the purpose of providing information, assistance and/or direction.
• Serves as the liaison for their athletic program at a variety of functions (e.g. AIA meetings, tournaments, workshops, etc.) for the purpose of representing the District at those functions.
• Supervises student athletes during all areas of participation (e.g. competition, travel, meetings, practices, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring activities are conducted in an environment with minimal risk of injury to the participants.
• Supports students during the college recruiting process for the purpose of assisting them in achieving their college objectives.

Job related experience with increasing levels of responsibility, required.
Bachelor’s degree, required – in job-related, preferred.
Background clearance, the results of which must be satisfactory to the District, required.
Ability to obtain Substitute Certificate, required.

$2,441.14 – $5,178.18 per month.

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to the email provided.

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