Part-time Golf Complex Operations and Management Adjunct Instructor

12 September 2017

Country: USA
State: Texas

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Part-time Golf Complex Operations and Management Adjunct Instructor
University in Farmers Branch, Texas is looking for a Part-time Golf Complex Operations and Management Adjunct Instructor.

Position Overview:
Under general supervision, plans and implements curriculum and educational programs for students within the program. Communicates class content to students so that learning occurs, skills are developed, and students are motivated to learn and achieve their educational objectives. Reports to Program Director.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Develops the syllabus for each course assigned based on accreditor and department criteria. The syllabus is to include learning objectives expressed in behavioral terms.
• Distributes the syllabus to the Academic Dean, the Program Director and to each student at the first scheduled class session.
• Teaches the depth and scope of class materials as outlined in the syllabus and catalog and relates the instruction to careers and employer expectations.
• Prepare and grades examinations based upon course objectives and published exam schedule and returns all assignments in a timely manner.
• Implements evaluation for outcomes assessment, and achieves established results while maintaining college standards of student satisfaction.
• Works creatively in all classes taught to discourage student withdrawal and maintain satisfactory retention.
• Begin and end each class at the designated times, providing a full period of instruction.
• Leaves the classroom or laboratory clean, organized, and ready for the next user.
• Submits, at the designated time, final grades for all students on the class roster.
• Accurately maintains attendance records in accordance with the Attendance Policy, submits class roster daily, maintains a separate record of attendance and grades that is clearly labeled and turned in at the end of the term.
• Calls all students who are absent and submits written reports of pertinent information to the Program Director.
• Attends faculty meetings, in-service meetings, graduation and other college events as required by the college.
• Dresses professionally in accordance with faculty dress code if onsite.
• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Ability to evaluate, design, and implement curriculum, testing, and/or teaching methodologies.
Ability to make administrative and procedural decisions and judgments on sensitive, confidential issues.
Ability to work effectively with diverse populations.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Knowledge of teaching methods, curriculum, and education programs.
Teaching and facilitation skills.
Ability to teach and control the behavior of students.
Knowledge of academic and/or vocational education curricula.
Knowledge of and ability to apply relevant current education methodologies and techniques.
Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.
Please review “Program Specific Requirements” section for degree and years of service required.
Where applicable, state or accreditation regulations may require a certain number of year’s occupational experience.
Some courses and/or programs may require additional credentialing and degrees. Please work with the academics department with any questions on these additional requirements.

One or more of the following qualifications are required (course specific):
• BM 103 – Elementary Accounting – a Bachelors’ degree in accounting or a Bachelor’s degree with 18 semester hours of accounting.
• BM 109 – Microcomputer Applications – a Bachelor’s degree with two years documented work experience using word and excel AND Microsoft Office certification in MOUS 2013 Word and Excel.
• BM 181 – Fundamentals of Business Management – a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a bachelor’s degree in management.
• BM 203 – Financial Management – a Bachelors’ degree in accounting or a Bachelor’s degree with 18 semester hours of accounting/financial management.
• BM 209 – Career Development – a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource. Management or bachelor’s degree and 2 years’ experience in Human Resource
• BM 214 – General Business Law – JD.
• BM 275 -Workplace Ethics – Bachelor’s degree in business or bachelor’s degree in management CS 110 – Attitude and Motivation Assessment – Bachelor’s degree with coursework in motivation, psychology.
• CS 119 – Verbal Communication Skills – Must have a graduate degree and at least 18 semester hours in Communications from their bachelor’s or graduate degree. Some states also require that the 18 hours be graduate credits.
• CS 125 – Business Writing – Bachelor’s degree in business, business management
• CS 230 – Sport Psychology – a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with at least one course in sport psychology.
• FS 209 – Essentials of Food Service Management – a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Culinary Arts or two years documented work experience as food beverage director/manager.
• GM 155 AND MK 227 – Golf Club Assembly and Repair / Club Fitting – certificate or at least two years of documented work experience.
• GM 282 – Capstone – Bachelor’s degree in Management or Business Administration or PGA professional with two years’ experience in a management position at a golf course.
• MK 176 – Marketing/ Sales -Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.
• PE 251 Anatomy, Exercise, and Bio-Mechanics – Bachelor’s degree and 15 semester hours in Anatomy & Physiology, Physical Education and/or Exercise/Biomechanics or Chiropractor.

How to apply:
Please apply via the URL provided.

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