Full-time High School Head Golf Coach

7 September 2017

Country: USA
State: Washington

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Full-time High School Head Golf Coach
Public school in Mattawa, Washington is looking for a Full-time High School Head Golf Coach.

Position Overview:
General Head Coaching Responsibilities:
• Provide leadership, supervision and organization of the particular sporting program.
• Organize and implement a program that provides for the development of student knowledge, skills, and attitudes at all levels of the sport represented in grades 7-12.
• Promote the philosophies, values and beliefs of the football program.
• Develop high-level performance benchmarks for all players and coaches.
• Emphasize detailed teaching of fundamental wrestling skills.
• Develop daily practice plans and organize the assistant coaching staff in a manner that delegates meaningful program responsibilities.
• Value and develop leadership skills in all participants.
• Administer and support the athletic department, school, league, district, state and WIAA policies and responsibilities.
• Evaluate the level of quality in all aspects of the program.
• Develop and maintain an off-season conditioning and skills program.
• Maintain program equipment and facilities.
• Responsible for the administration of the complete Fast-pitch program.

Coaches/Advisors Expectations: 1. Coaches/advisors are accountable to the highest standard of honesty and integrity. All practices/preparations for activities should be consistent with the rules of the game and the educational purpose of the school district. Coaches/advisors will stress balance between academics and activities recognizing that activities are subordinate to academics. Coaches/advisors will be responsible to ensure that all W.I.A.A. rules and regulations are complied with.
2. Coaches/advisors have the primary concern for the health, safety, and personal welfare of each athlete/participant. The athlete’s/participant’s education is also held foremost.
3. Coaches/advisors will treat all persons with dignity and respect, providing a model of fair play and good sportsmanship.
4. Coaches/advisors are responsible for assisting participants in acquiring the necessary fundamental skills, rules and knowledge of their activity as well as promoting desirable personal and social traits.
5. Coaches/advisors will observe the letter and the intent of the rules of their activity and insist that participants and teams under their direction do the same.
6. Coaches/advisors shall not use profanity or abusive language.
7. Coaches/advisors will perform their duties on the basis of careful preparation, ensuring that their instruction is current and accurate. They shall use practices for which they are qualified and continually acquire new knowledge and skills.
8. Head coaches/advisors will be responsible for the full program beginning with the initial meeting at the start of the season. They will provide opportunities for parent involvement and will promote the activity through summer camps/activities and involvement through scheduling.
9. Coaches/advisors will communicate effectively with athletes, participants, parents, community and administration, including pre-season parent meetings.
10. Coaches/advisors will use positive reinforcement, while emphasizing that a commitment to hard work is critical to activity achievement.
11. Coaches/advisors will recognize contributions of all players/participants whether starters or back-ups and emphasize that all team members are important to the achievement of team goals.
12. Coaches/advisors will support other coaches/advisors and programs and encourage student participation in other sports.
13. Coaches/advisors will teach fair play, team play, tolerance, and an appreciation of parents, officials and the other team’s players/participants and coaches/advisors.
14. As a coach/advisor in the WahlukeSchool District, you represent your school, your community, your team and yourself in an activity sponsored by the the school district.
15. Coaches/advisors may promulgate rules and regulations applicable to their individual activity or team, provided they are not inconsistent with the provisions of the code. Additional rules or regulations must be approved by the principal. Any additional rules and regulations must be in writing and on file in the school office.
16. Coaches will hold parent meetings to cover the activities code and expectations in each sport prior to student participating.
17. Team practices scheduled during school holidays shall be approved by the principal.

The salary for this position will be determined by placement on the coaching salary schedule.

Demonstrated ability, dedication and experience as an outstanding coach and teacher preferred ( if a teacher position available).
Teaching experience preferred, not required.
Demonstrated ability to serve as a positive role model.
Proven success in leadership and working in groups.
In-building staff members may receive preference in the screening and hiring process.
Demonstrated capacity for collaboration, cooperation and coordination with colleagues and parents.
For Head Coaches: Coaching and/or college playing experience in specified sport desired for High School positions.
Valid first aid and CPR card.


How to apply:
Please apply via the URL provided.

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